The special interest groups are formed of members with a particular interest in developing skills in a specific genre. These subsets meet on non club nights at members houses and on field trips where relevant to pursue this interest. Members are welcome to join as many or as few as they like. The groups run for as long as there is significant interest.

For 2016 - 2017 we will run

1. Macro

The Macro Special Interest Group meet to develop skills in this genre.

2. Nature Group

•    The Group is open to anyone in the club who wishes to join in some or all of its activities.
•    Activities will include Field Trips and Meetings to discuss images taken by members.
•    Members will take it in turn to arrange Field Trips and Meetings
•    Information about Ad Hoc trips will be circulated to all group members

Contact Barrie Parker unless stated otherwise 

Next Group Meeting Tuesday 22nd May 2018 7.30 pm Church Hall   

The RPS Nature Group Exhibition Images

New Images from David Richmond-Coggan and Martina Bennellick


3. London


Other special interest groups to be decided by a poll of the club membership. Please feel free to suggest groups subjects.