Bookham Camera Club | Competition Rules

 Internal Competition Rules 2016-2017  



Prints may be monochrome or colour and should be mounted. The external dimensions of prints including any mount must not exceed 500mm x 400mm.

Prints must be submitted by bringing them to the competition on the night in good time, filling in the requisite details on the entry forms available on the night, and affixing an entry label to the back of the print.

Please also send a digital copy of your print image to the competition web site as detailed under the PDI section below. Please mention “Print Competition” in the e-mail title.

PDI Projected Digital Images

Digital images must be JPEG files, in the sRGB colour space; at a maximum of 1400 (wide) x 1050 (high) pixels (I.E. they should fit within this rectangle). Please keep the file sizes modest.

Files of smaller dimensions will not be enlarged. Files of larger dimensions will be arbitrarily resized to 1400x1050, and likely suffer a loss of quality.

The file name must follow the format the format ‘Forename Surname_image number_title.jpg’ I.E. the entrant’s first and second names, followed by the digit 1, or 2 and then the title. For example, Thomas Smith might submit: Tom Smith_1_Glowing Trees.jpg.

No variations to this format will be accepted as this is a requirement of the upload software. If you use a tool to tag, star rate, or flag your image please remove any flags and star rating.

PDIs must be emailed to by the end of the Sunday before the competition.



In Open competitions the image may be of any subject.

Set subjects

In Set Subject competitions the subjects are set in advance of the competition see the programme. The judge will decide on the evening of the competition if the image presented for the competition is considered to be valid for the set subject prescribed.

If the Set subject competitions offer a choice of two different set subjects- you can choose freely among your submissions which subjects you enter. Make the choice clear in the title of your entry.

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PDI Open competitions

A maximum of 2 images may be entered by any member on a competition night.

Print Open competitions

A maximum of 2 images may be entered by any member on a competition night.

Set subject competitions

A maximum of 2 PDI images may be entered by any member on a competition night.


Only members of Bookham Camera Club may compete.

All images contributing to the final photograph must be the work of the photographer. Clip art is not acceptable. All manipulation must be the work of the photographer.

Images must not have been taken wholly or in part of working in a professional photographic capacity. That is, images taken by members who are or were professional photographers are permitted, but not images taken or manipulated as part of a professional photographic commission.


The Competition Secretary (or Secretaries) or the Committee may reject any image if they consider that the subject matter may cause offence to other members.


There are 2 Classes Club and Advanced. Entrants may only belong to one class for all media and formats of image.

By default, new members to the club enter their images into the ‘Club’ class. (Notwithstanding exceptional cases, e.g., new members with advanced distinctions may be asked to enter the Advanced class.)

Promotion from Club to Advanced is made according to the member’s placement in the previous year’s competitions, shall be compulsory should an entrant have won the annual trophy twice in a three year period, or, at the entrant’s request and subject to agreement by the Committee.


Each image will be awarded a mark out of 10 (half marks may be used).

Re-entering images

The rules for re-submitting work to competitions are as follows:

  •   Pictures may be submitted for a competition if they have scored less than 8 on a previous competition irrespective of what year, class or open/set subject category in which they were entered.

  •   Pictures may be only be submitted in a different media if they are reasonably different. Examples:

  •   Re-entering a 10-scoring image as same or different media is not allowed.

  •   Re-entering a 10-scoring print as a PDI is not allowed.

  •   Re-entering a 7-scoring image as same or different media is allowed.

  •   Re-entering a 10-scoring (colour) print as a monochrome PDI is allowed.

  •   Re-entering a 10-scoring image after re-cropping is allowed.

    Annual exhibition

    (See the separate Conditions for entry to the Annual Exhibition Competition).